Getting Started

  • To start the target AR mode select the Target AR button

  • To start the targetless AR mode select the Targetless AR Button

  • A brief overview is located within the Help button

  • Download targets by selecting the Targets button

  • Top left icon opens the Side menu

iphone X menu.jpg

Side Menu

Target AR - Begin target based AR mode

Targetless AR - Begin targetless AR mode

Scan QR Code - Start the scan QR code function

Help - Open the help screen

Targets - Open the download targets screen

IMG_2185 menu.png

Doka AR Toolbar

  1. Action - The action button will either cycle your model to an alternative state or perform an animation. If multiple actions exist per model a slide out menu will appear with the various actions.

  2. Info - The info button will open the Doka webpage containing information about the model currently being view.

  3. Chart / Model toggle - The chart and model toggle button is available when used with the Doka CAD exported drawings QR code. This button toggles between displaying the imported Frami model and the 3D material quantity graph.

  4. Camera - The camera button takes a screen shot of whatever is currently on screen. However, all UI elements are turned off and the Doka logo is added in the top right corner.

    Note: The logo is added in vertical orientation.

  5. Filter - The filter button expands a sliding menu containing all the available display filters that can be toggled on and off.

Scan QR code

Upon opening the scan QR code screen the Doka AR AM application will display the camera’s view finder. To scan a valid QR code simply place the QR code within the camera’s viewfinder.

Note: scanning works best when the code is at least

  • Greater than 6 inches from the camera during scanning

  • The line of site of the viewfinder is perpendicular to the code

    (i.e. the phone is parallel with target’s paper)

Viewing QR Code Models

To view an imported model after a valid QR code has been scanned simply place the Frami Cover page target with in the camera’s view finder while in AR mode. This is the same target for viewing any scanned QR code.


  • To enable a 3D model focus the whole target on the screen

  • For best results, if target disappears refocus the whole target from above

  • When changing targets simply move camera away from the target and focus on the new one

  • Make sure to always have target visible when using AR mode